Luke Lubbers


Luke has grown up in the small town of freeport. Graduating high school in 2014 he jumped right into the manufacturing world for the last 5 years. He wanted a change for the better.

After buying his first home in Hastings enjoying the aspect of finding a home, he seeks to help others find their homes that they can grow and make memories, coming from a family of business owners of construction and manufacturing, he has been on his own making his way through the world.

Finding joy in raising birds and various other exotic animals he hopes to build a sanctuary for no longer wanted pets giving them a new home where they are cared for.

Luke is hoping to bring his energy into real estate & offers a fresh look at things and will educate and guide all new home buyers into a new start of homeownership.

Contact Luke

Ph: 616-466-0460

Email: [email protected]