Most Expensive Homes in Michigan

We all know that Michigan is home to some beautiful properties. There’s no shortage of quality and creativity here. We wanted to know just how much these   gorgeous properties cost. So we did our research and found the most expensive homes in Michigan on the market today.

Here’s the top ten from lowest price to highest:

1. Muy Grande Ranch – $7,500,000

Muy Grande Ranch, most expensive homes in Michigan

Outdoor adventure and luxury meet at this gorgeous Millersburg lodge offering 20 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms as well as a dining area with room for 40! The property also includes fish ponds, gun blinds and miles of trails. Being tenth on the list of the most expensive homes in Michigan, price point can only go up from here!


2. Grosse Pointe Perfection – $8,195,000

Grosse Pointe Shores home, most expensive homes in Michigan

This home screams luxury. With absolutely stunning lakefront views, this home boasts attention to every detail from gorgeous backsplashes to the pool, gym, and theater. And it’s a smart house!


3. Acres of Ravenna – $8,200,000

Ravenna Hunting Lodge and grounds, most expensive homes in Michigan

This property boasts 120 acres of gorgeous buildings and hunting/breeding land along with a 6-bed/6-bath lodge perfect for hosting a group hunting trip.


4. Lockwood Lake Ranch – $9,900,000

Lockwood Lake Ranch, most expensive homes in Michigan

Built in 1890, this Atlanta, Michigan ranch offers the perfect rustic getaway. Located on the gorgeous waterfront, this home comes with many other buildings and amenities like a 10-stall barn and a chicken coop for those who want to get back to their roots.


5. Traverse Bay Getaway – $9,995,000

East Grand Traverse Bay home, most expensive homes in Michigan

Designed by architect Roger Hummel, this estate blew us away. You would think the 27-room property in Elk Rapids would be overwhelming, but it feels like home sweet home with its beautiful views and warm interiors filled with natural light.


6. Northville Estate – $9,995,000

northville estate, most expensive homes in Michigan

Like the listing says, this home includes “too many details to mention.” Instead you can request a detailed flyer! But from the pictures, this place looks amazing. With a vintage-looking theater and bar and a breathtaking foyer complete with a giant spiral staircase, we feel like royalty just looking at it.


7. Harbor Springs Home – $10,900,000

Harbor Springs mansion, most expensive homes in Michigan

Okay, we’re officially drooling. With plenty of balcony and patio space overlooking the crystal blue lake below and the natural light flooding in through the giant windows, this home feels like a fairytale.


8. Double Eagle Ranch – $11,995,000

double eagle ranch, most expensive homes in Michigan

This ranch property includes Antler’s Inn which sleeps 14 as well as a log home, lake house, and a house for a ranch hand. Located in Gladwin, Michigan, it’s a perfect getaway for those who love the outdoors but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of home.


9. Upper Peninsula Paradise – $14,950,000

upper peninsula lakeshore house, most expensive homes in Michigan

This house isn’t much to look at, so why all the zeros? With the purchase of this property you’re getting 300 acres of waterfront property nestled away from the rest of the world. With the gorgeous views, comes all the privacy (and shoreline) you could ever dream of, well worth the title of one of the most expensive homes in Michigan.


10. Marquette Mansion – $20,000,000

Marquette lake home, most expensive homes in Michigan

The final home on our list is more like a Caribbean castle than a Michigan home. For a small sum of $20 million you can own the most expensive home in Michigan on the market today. Right on the shores of Lake Superior the views don’t get much better than this. This mammoth lodge houses 50 rooms in total and including an industrial kitchen and 25 fireplaces! But you get much more than the lodge with this purchase. There’s a farm of hills and orchards with two houses and a dairy barn. Not to mention 415 acres of wooded land! This is Michigan’s own little patch of heaven!

As Michiganders, we may be a little biased, but this is the place to be if you’re looking for creativity and craftsmanship. And the most expensive homes in Michigan are here to prove it!