5 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

Finding the right home can be exhausting when you don’t know what you’re looking for. In today’s market houses are bought and sold so quickly, it’s difficult to know where to start. A good realtor will help to guide you through the process. Make sure to ask your real estate agent these 5 questions as you search for home sweet home:

1. Will this be a ‘fixer-upper?’

Before even looking at potential future homes, you will want to budget. Figure out how much you are willing to spend overall, including down payment, mortgage, cosmetic changes, labor, and closing costs. Each house is as different as the homeowner. You may not be able to afford the necessary changes the house requires, or maybe you welcome the challenge. Either way, you should know right away what you’re getting yourself into.

2. Why are the current homeowners selling?

Of course this may be a private matter that the sellers don’t want to share. But if not, wouldn’t it be great to know why the previous owners want to leave? No one wants obnoxious neighbors or ridiculously high property taxes. The housing market would benefit tremendously if we all get honest and find a home that really works.

3. What does the neighborhood have to offer?

A good real estate agent will know the perks of each area. Whether you’re looking for quality coffee shops, a solid school district or a quick commute, your agent should have the answers. When you’re buying a home, you can’t make an impulse decision. You have to think long-term. And this involves the ins and outs of your daily life as well as your plans for the future.

4. Are there any restrictions in the HOA contract I should be aware of?

if your potential home is a part of a Homeowners Association, you will want to carefully look over the contract. Make sure your dreams for your house don’t conflict with the law of the land.

5. How does the value compare to the price and similar homes in the current market?

If you’ve got an agent with integrity, they will provide you with the answers you need. Make sure the house is worth whatever you’re putting into it. If the house you’re looking at doesn’t measure up, let your agent know. They will appreciate the feedback and be pleased to provide you with more suitable options.


Find an honest agent. An agent with integrity will put you first. They will give you the cons with the pros. And that makes all the difference when you’re looking for the home of your dreams.