4 Big Reasons FSBOs Are a NO-GO

With the competitive real estate conditions we are currently facing, it is undoubtedly a seller’s market. Because of these conditions, many homeowners are feeling confident in their abilities to list and sell their homes without the help of a real estate agent. Many owners even believe that listing their home for sale by owner will save them time, money, and hassle. We cannot deny that listing by owner can be an effective way to sell your home, but is it the most effective way? Not a chance. Let us fill you in on all the benefits listing your home with an agent can bring.

Save on Time

Listing and marketing a home takes time. From staging, to getting photos taken, and marketing time, not to mention calls all hours of the day and scheduling showings, it is no quick task. Why take on all that responsibility, when any good agent has countless tools to lessen the burden. It is our job to handle scheduling, answer questions, have photos professionally taken and market your home aggressively. All the small extras will be taken off your plate, saving you time and hassle.

Higher Sale Price

Many homeowners choose to list for sale by owner due to the cost of paying a Realtor’s commission, but it is important to note that the broad-market exposure that a Realtor can bring your home will nearly always bring you a higher payout in the end. Listing your home through a real estate agent will ensure more traffic, showing activity, and competition. A Realtor can also offer a strategic marketing plan tailored to getting the most value out of your home. Another factor in getting the most for your home is carefully pricing your at the most accurate value, comparative to the market. Your agent will be an expert in doing so; an agent’s goal for his seller is always to leave no money on the table.


A reputable agent is equipped to handle the many facets of negotiations that tie into the sale of a home. These negotiation skills will aid in getting your home sold with your best interest at the forefront. Whether it be home repairs or fighting for the highest sale price, having a professional advocating for you through difficult situations will reduce stress and ensure the best outcome for you as a homeowner.

The Process

The contracts and processes that go into selling a home are extensive. Leave this to the pros! Not only will an agent draft, explain, and execute these contracts for you, they will also keep record and hold onto these documents for years down the road. From title, to the appraisal, to inspections and repairs your agent will assist in each step of the process with clear communication to aid in your peace and understanding of the sale.


Overall, you are in better shape with a professional by your side. Just as you should not fly your own plane or cut your own hair, you should not sell your own home. Let an experienced agent negotiate on your behalf, coordinate your sale, and leave you at ease through this important step in your life.


Happy selling!