Home Inspections: Why You Need Them

Congratulations! You just got an offer accepted on a home. We know the excitement. You have been looking for what feels like forever. You have likely even submitted a couple of offers on other homes you loved. Finally, finally you get to move forward with the home you have been dreaming of. The excitement is almost too much to bear! All the design ideas and projects to get done! You are ready to dive right in to Pinterest binges and HomeGoods shopping sprees. Now hold on just a second, have you completed inspections?

I know, I know… they are not the most exciting step in the process, but they are necessary. Inspections are a crucial step in the home buying process. Yes, even in a newly renovated home, even in a new construction, even in a condo. We will get through them as quickly as possible and back to the fun stuff… and we promise you won’t regret it.

Caveat Emptor: Let the buyer beware.

We highly recommend structural inspections for the fact that we cannot always see issues that may be underlying within a home. While our agents strive to point out problems within each home, we may not catch mold in the attic or bad flashing on the roof. A licensed inspector will climb up on the roof, in the attic, and down into the crawl space. They will inspect all the nooks and crannies and offer advice on its overall condition. Their knowledge is unparalleled when it comes to the condition of a home and the maintenance it may need. Surprisingly enough, even a brand-new house will typically have small issues that need to be brought up to par.

Everything is negotiable.

Some needed repairs that could be uncovered may be overwhelming for you as a buyer. Learning this information puts you in a position to negotiate a lower sale price, or even to pull out of the sale if an agreement cannot be made. Another option may be to ask the seller to make repairs. While a seller cannot always be expected to make the necessary repairs, they will sometimes take on the burden and fix certain issues before you take possession of the home. Negotiating these repairs into the sale will bring you ease and very likely save you time and money.

Always be prepared.

When an inspector goes through a home, he will be able to give a good judgment on what repairs or future maintenance may need to be done on the home. This information will prepare you for the costs that those repairs will entail. Whether it be the need for a new furnace in 5 years, or the need to replace a seal in the bathroom, you will be able to investigate the cost and budget accordingly to get the necessary maintenance done to your home. There will be less surprises in the end.

The big picture.

Buying a home is a big investment. The time and cost of inspections is minimal compared to the value of knowing exactly what you are buying. Every home is going to have its share of issues. Finding the deal-breakers and learning what maintenance will be needing down the road can prepare you to buy a home that will truly suit all your needs, without unexpected and unmanageable costs.